DAS INDISCHE GRABMAL - die englische Ausgabe!

Wir zitieren einfach mal John Mucci, einen der beiden Übersetzer und Herausgeber dieser englischen Ausgabe des "Klassikers" Das indische Grabmal: "I'm proud to announce that Mr. Felnagle and I have released a translation of Thea von Harbou's novel from 1918, THE INDIAN TOMB, now available in print, Kindle, and audio! This adventure-fantasy novel was so popular at the time, it went into multiple editions and was filmed no less than three times, each time as a two-part epic. She later went on to write world-famous films with her husband, Fritz Lang, such as METROPOLIS, WOMAN IN THE MOON, SPIES, and M. A great gift idea for anyone interested in fantasy and adventure. No piggy words, no sex. Well, not much."
Die beiden Ausgaben (E-Book/Print) sind hier erhältlich!